A White Hot Winter Disaster

I have a tendency to be more dramatic in the winter (my punctuation and spelling get lazy as well, so you’re in for a real treat as you read this post).  Now that February is upon us, an advanced case of cabin fever has seeped deep into my bones and my inner theatrics are working themselves into a frothy frenzy.  With that in mind, here is the painting I’ve been working on all winter:


I am currently referring to this painting as “A White Hot Winter Disaster”.  You might look at this painting and think “Well, that doesn’t seem like a disaster”, but it kinda is.  Why?  Well, for starters it’s huge: 80.5″ x 35.5″…  Now, you might be thinking “does largeness make a painting disastrous?”  (or maybe you’re thinking “that’s actually not that large”) Well yes, yes largeness does make a painting disastrous…. but only if you end up deeply dissatisfied with it.  Here’s a blurry detail pic:


Allow me to reel in my pessimism for a moment.  There are probably things about this painting that are actually ok.  The mountain in the background turned out ok… in fact, I quite enjoy the mountain.  Now, how’s that for optimism?  I’m enjoying the mountain.  In the dead of winter, even.  Amazing.

Post Script: My apologies if you happen to be struggling with an actual disaster at the moment, as I’m blatantly misusing the term for my own tragicomic amusement.

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