Tile Paintings

About a year after I completed the Crowd Series, I started experimenting with different surfaces to draw and paint on.

Pigeons by Lisa Leppa

 These paintings are part of a series that I did on 8″ x 10″ glazed ceramic tiles.  It’s much more difficult to control watercolor on a non-porous surface, so the challenge here was to keep these paintings from getting too runny.  I worked with thicker watercolor and less water to garner more control.

Glasgow by Lisa Leppa

These tiles are glazed with an acrylic glaze to keep the paint from rubbing off.  I like the way that watercolor looks before it dries, and this was an attempt to preserve the lush appearance of wet watercolor.

Icehouses by Lisa Leppa If you would like to see more of this series there is a second part here.

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