The Crowd Series

Ants by Lisa Leppa
“Ants”, 38″ x 50″, Charcoal and watercolor on paper

This is the first piece in a series of drawings that depict groups of people and animals.

I started this series while reading about robot technology that mimics ant behavior.  I became intrigued by the idea that each individual ant is an integral part of a larger “machine” (the ant colony) that builds a fairly complicated network of tunnels, and somehow, while going about its daily tasks, the ant itself has no idea of what it’s working towards.

I learned that an ant operates very similarly to a robot in the sense that it has a task that it is preprogrammed to do and has no need to reflect or have a larger understanding of the purpose of its actions.  The ant just moves sand all day in a specific pattern that by design builds tunnels.

follow the link to see the robots and ants article: spectrum online

Also this video from Harvard University.


To see an incredible example of what ants can do watch this youtube video.

I became interested in what other creatures, including humans, may be creating that we are not quite “smart” enough to see.

That was how this series started.

Charcoal and watercolor on paper
“People”, 38″ x 50″, Charcoal and watercolor on paper
Artwork by Lisa Leppa
“Birds” by Lisa Leppa, 38″ x 50″, Charcoal and watercolor on paper


5 thoughts on “The Crowd Series

  1. Thanks for liking my blog. I have looked at yours and am most intrigued by it. The images are superficially simple and profoundly complex. I really liked the crowd of people which has a L.S.Lowry like atmosphere. Thanks for the link to the ant Youtube. Tony

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